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Social Studies

CCA's English department aims to develop the reading and writing skills of our scholars, together with an appreciation of both classic and contemporary literature and the ability to analyze its contents. 
Regular study of vocabulary, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation ensures that students have a good command of the English language and are able to express their ideas effectively. 
English classes also teach students basic research skills so that they may analyze, assimilate, and consolidate information from a variety of sources using the proper methods of documentation. 
CCA students will typically take four years of English, with honors and regular sections available in grades 8-11, and a choice of senior electives in the 12th grade.  
At CCA, Mathematics requires sustained immersion in a cumulative learning process that increases in complexity during high school.  Beginning with the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry, students are gradually introduced to the abstract language essential for higher branches of mathematics.  
Problem solving is the most vital element in this process.  And so, we focus on helping students master the craft of understanding, correctly setting up, and ultimately finding solutions for problems.  
Once they begin working on Pre-Calculus, students have greater autonomy to explore their mathematical potential. 
The availability and friendliness of instructors also allows motivated students to participate in SAT prep and tutoring each day after school.
Social Studies courses at CCA allow students to develop the skills that will lead to success at the collegiate level, particularly: critical reading and thinking skills, data and map analysis, oral presentation skills, and analytical written expression.
Beginning in ninth grade with Western Civilization, students not only explore the ancient civilizations of the Western tradition such Greece and Rome, but also receive an in depth history of three distinct regions: Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The tenth grade year focuses on European history beginning in the Renaissance period and prepares students for junior year United States history. The eleventh grade year is a detailed history of the United States. During the senior year, students are offered a wide array of electives, ranging from African history, German and Russian studies, Women and Leadership, Current Affairs, and a history of the Reformation.
The Science Department at CCA strives to create an interconnected view of the classic disciplines. By inspiring students to embrace their curiosity, creativity and confidence, we aim to guide students to understanding God's creation of the universe.
Students are encouraged to ask questions and to focus on what asking a certain question means rather than only thinking of the solution. The road of questions which the students blaze leads them eventually to opportunities to do independent research and discover new innovative ways to think.
Even within the core classes the goal is to guide our students to undertake the task of learning and to understand that it takes a certain amount of daring to make mistakes.
The core science classes here at CCA are Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Physical Science and Physics, all offered at varying levels of depth.
Elective Coursework
CCA students also participate in a wide-range of elective classes including Digital Media, Personal Finance, Robotics, Visual Art, Journalism, Oral English (Speech),
Debate, Chess. and SAT Prep.   
Our students engage in state-of-the-art technologies that include 3D printers,
Sharp Aqous Digital Smart Boards and
Canon Commerical Camcorders.