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An Affordable Christian-Themed Education

Capital Christian Academy is committed to enrolling a student body diverse in interests, talents, ethnicity and economic background. We trust that you find these tools helpful in selecting a tuition plan that is right for you. Should you have any questions or concerns as you navigate this page, please contact us at [email protected] or at 240-223-2467.


$7,000 - 1 Child​
$6,000 - 2nd Child
$5,000 - 3rd Child
$10,000 - Extended Studies
$20,000 - International
$30,000 - Residential


Early Bird Fee 2/21 – 3/2 

Registration Fee 3/3– 4/1

Late Registration Fee After 4/2

Capital Christian prefers that tuition is paid in full, in advance. If the total annual bill is pre-paid by June 1, all per-student fees will be waived.


$8,950 - 1 Child
$7,950 - 2nd Child
$6,950 - 3rd Child
$9,500 - Extended Studies
$15,000 - International

Capital Christian prefers that tuition is paid in full, in advance. If the total annual bill is pre-paid by June 1, all per-student fees will be waived.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Capital Christian Academy is able to offer the following payment options:

Annual Payment Due June 1 (May 15 for International Students) - All fees waived.

Semi-Annual Payment Due June 1 & January 1 $3,500  per semester

12 Month Plan: June 1 - May 1 $584 per month

10 Month Plan: June 1 - March 1 $700 per month

School Fees


Application Fee: $200
Registration Fee: $350
Graduation Fee: $200 (seniors only)
Withdrawal Fee: $1,000
Activity Fee: $2000 (Home school Students  & Students attending schools other than CCA that do not have the Student's sport of interest)

Activity fees are included in each Scholar's tuition at no additional cost.

All fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable.

CCA Payment

Tuition payments are due on the first of the month.

Payments for the first month of tuition must be made in person at CCA; CCA accepts cash, credit cards, checks, money orders and electronic transfers.

If your tuition payment is not received by the 5th of the month, you will be assessed a $100.00 late fee and your account will be closed.

Your account must be paid-in-full before the 5th of the month, consistent with the financial terms of your monthly payment plan; if your account is not paid in full by the 5th, your child(ren) cannot attend classes, visit school grounds, receive schoolwork or participate in extra-curricular activities and is subject to dismissal.

IF a student misses three days due to non-payment, the student will be administratively withdrawn and all records will be transferred to the student’s neighborhood/zone public school.

The only way out of account closure is to bring your account current.
Transcripts and other school records are subject to be withheld until and unless your account is current.

Students cannot start the school year and cannot graduate until and unless their accounts are current.

Regardless of the tuition payment plan elected, the parents or guardians are obligated to pay the full tuition for the entire semester and will not receive any refund of tuition in the event the child withdraws, transfers or is dismissed. 

Please note:

Capital Christian Academy desires to maintain reasonable tuition payment plans and as such, operates on a minimal margin of error.

We are committed to compensating our instructors, staff and tutors on a timely basis while paying our vendors in a credit-worthy manner. Your timely payments will ensure that CCA can provide the high level of service our students deserve so that they can maintain a competitive edge both in and out of the classroom.

Due to our accounting cycles, CCA cannot and will not extend balances past the 5th of each month